Since I was nine, I’ve been making music, and today and proud of my gigging jazz/swing/blues band. Since 1991, I’ve been in the music instrument business, where early on I realized that those who work making instruments and promoting music making are blessed indeed. Whether it’s was the music print publisher where I was in charge of public relations/marketing, the magazines promoting the business I wrote for, or some of the non-profits I support (here and here), if we do our job, somebody out there is making music.  That’s always been tremendously gratifying.

One of my favorite magazines I get to geek out over is Front of House magazine, which covers the professional live audio world. I talk to those who make the band sound great. These are dedicated, smart, talented individuals who spin the knobs and hang the speakers just so creating a great listening experience for you whether in you’re an arena hearing a headlining act or at your local neighborhood jazz/blues festival.

Kevin M Mitchell gtr

With one of my favorite guitars – 1968 Gibson es120 Semi-Hollow Body.

Recently I got to write about the guys who make Jason Mraz sound good. I really enjoyed writing this story, because it made me appreciate once again all the people it takes to make music. There’s a lot of technical info in this, which I always enjoy. It helps me with my band, it helps me with my writing (always making sure the technical is clear and accurate), and helps me never take for granted the power of music, particularly live music.

Here’s the story — enjoy!

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