Increasingly I’ve been asked to help with company websites, especially smaller to medium-sized organizations and retailers. I welcome these queries from St. Louis and beyond, as I spend a lot of time on sites for my work and I have to say that some could use some improvement …

As I written about it often in my column Webwise for MMR magazine, the website is the new “front door” of your business. And you have less than five seconds to engage that potential new customer or client. Now, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to this as each company is unique, but there is one common denominator: everyone has a story.

When asked to help with a website I first want to know your story, and then I figure out how best to tell it. Tight, crisp copy that delivers the information is key of course. That that information is delivered in the right voice, that the tone reveals the personality of the business, is what is most important to me. So I ask questions, listen, and capture your singularly unique voice. (That I’ve spent several decades as a playwright helps.)

Just because someone is looking at your website first rather than calling you or knocking on your door doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t want human interaction. Just the opposite.

And whether it’s real or perceived, the person visiting your website will believe that another product/service can be gotten elsewhere. So the question becomes: Why do business with you?

I will build a compelling case that answers that question.

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