My journey as a writer allows me to meet lots of interesting people, and also get the word out about some special unsung heroes who do their job and get instruments in the hands of people who want to make music.

Recently I got to write up the story of Larry’s Music Center for MMR. Located in Ohio, with two locations, Brad Shreve and Gabriel O’Brien are turning conventional wisdom on its head and thriving by making up their own rules as they go.

A favorite quote from the article:

“Our customers, including band directors and teachers, feel like they are coming to our house when they come to the store,” says O’Brien. “They are here to have fun and hang out. It’s not uncommon to find our staff out seeing a local band play. It’s not uncommon to see [general manager/repair technician] Scott [Chapman] out hearing a local band in concert, and while he’s there he’ll repair something on site if needed.”

Brad & Gabe of Larry’s Music

They are also doing great things with social media, and are doing it with equal parts passion and determination.  On a good day, I highlight the good work of people like this, and others learn from them and thrive as well.  I’m a huge believer in the independent brick and mortar retailer and believe that while other avenue exists to purchase goods and services, there’s nothing like talking face to face with a professional.

These guys sure make the case of why it’s so important.


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