blogI recently wrote an article on my LinkedIn Account on how despite the constant changes on the digital media landscape, writing articles/blogging that position you (and your business) as the “expert” is still the foundation of almost any campaign. The blogging created needs to be consistent with your brand and your message, and those articles need to clearly be the source of authoritative answers.

What I’ve been increasingly doing for companies (and individuals) of all sizes is exactly this. Writing articles and posting on their site, then spreading it out on social media, primarily Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, has been effective in building and retaining customers and clients.


Is there a ghost in the machine? Maybe there should be.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not hard. Many independent contractors, small businesses, and larger companies can often find someone in-house to do this. But what I see is while most people write fairly well, even really well, the “is it good?” question becomes “is it authentic?” By that I mean “real.” If it’s not, maybe you need a “ghost.”

Even more than a digital marketing professional, I actually feel I am first and foremost a ghostwriter. My years writing plays and television and (unsold) movie scripts has really given me a “good ear” for words. I’m able to recreate the proper tone and even linguistic mannerisms whether I’m writing for a professional lighting designer, a company in the medical field, or even an insurance broker. It’s all key to creating engaging, captivating copy that effectively targets the desired audience.

The other part of it comes from my 15 years as a professional journalist writing for a wide variety of publications. I understand the importance of good, accurate, correct prose. Also I have worked with some pretty tough editors in my days, and I love the back-and-forth that happens with a client as we work together to get the final product right.

Let your voice be heard.

Let your voice be heard.

It’s actually refreshing and enjoyable to bring in these various skills to the digital media table. Also, I feel strongly that getting the tone of the language exactly right is mission critical to branding. Yes it’s noisy out there, but what is going to work for you is being you, and the best way to do that is have someone ghostwrite your content. Generic sounding copy that could in fact be on any of your competitors site will fall on deaf ears. Let your voice be heard.

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