I had fun and made good friends collaborating with these folks…

Online Content

Your website: It needs to be factual and personal. Also? Can we have a little fun? Humor resonates and makes a lasting impression … What a blast I had when the world’s biggest seller of wine wanted to redo its website content to appeal to the post-college crowd.

I believe that even though today’s consumers are using technology to learn about and shop for products, they still want to deal with a person. They want personality to shine through. They want to dialogue. The website is where the conversation starts.

Fresh content drives eyes to your website and increases your SEO, so let’s blog regularly. Or, I can blog for special projects, like when I wrote travel blogs as part of a contest for Slow Press Wines . I’ve provided blogs for many clients, from monthly ones for an IT company to a one a week for Explore St. Louis called Hear this Week.

Social Media

The website content starts the conversation, and it’s continued on social media. Let’s do it in the voice of the company owner, or at least in that tone. I run Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts for several companies, and I understand the importance of exchanges. I don’t just “sell” the product/company all the time – and I unfollow companies that do. If there’s a funny cartoon or meme, or an important article somewhat related to the world of that client, I post it.

I’m also on social all the time, so I’m quick to monitor comments and in that rare instance when someone posts something inappropriate, it’s gone. I do all this completely independently, and my clients find my judgment solid and my words on point.


I can provide YouTube product demonstrations on new saxophones and other instruments. At the two music instrument conventions that happen every year, I have filmed and edited summaries that are popular. Simple, no frills, but highly effective. Clients are pleased with the quality and the value they get for a reasonable price.

Recently I’ve been shooting informative YouTube videos for a local insurance broker, and editing and posting them myself. It’s something I enjoy and am able to do at an extremely good price point.

Special Projects

Need a survey? A quiz? A marketing email promoting a convention or a new product? I can do that. Really, try to stump me.

Speaking of which, I’ve gotten to work closely with the creatives at Busy Bee Studios over the years. With them, I’ve done work for Samsung (including some planting of long-form essays on sites like Red Tricycle) and some fun special projects for Disney. A few years ago I did a huge website that promoted music making, where I gathered experts from the music education field who took questions from parents. I wrote eight-page interactive stories based on the Disney/Pixar properties Cinderella, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story. Oh, and in case you’ve ever wondered what princess you are, I’ve created “questionnaires” for that kind of thing, too … (spoiler alert: I’m a Jasmine.)

Lego Star Wars

Just Dance 2