Through my work for PLSN & FOH, I get to work for the Parnelli Awards. I started when publisher Terry Lowe asked me to write a documentary video on the legendary Chip Monck which I’m still proud of today (amazing, crazy, visionary lighting guy who emceed Woodstock and warned you about the brown acid). Since then, I’ve been entrusted with all the documentaries related to rock concert movers and shakers.

Since 2008, I’ve produced and been head writer of the show. I’ve worked with and written for the likes of Todd Rundgren, Brooks & Dunn, Alice Cooper, Paul Anka, Dennis DeYoung, Flo and Eddie, Kenny Chesney, and others.

Those folks aside, let me tell you what I’m really proud of: Working with Terry Lowe, the Parnellis put the spotlight on the women and men who purposely chose to work backstage. I just realize to the best of my ability Lowe’s dream, which is to give these guys who light for U2, run the sound for Bruce, and build stages for Rascal Flatts a chance to come up and have the lights and sound shown on them.

These people are shy and not used to public speaking—let alone telling a joke written for them! I’m good at making that work. Also, with Terry, we have a team of rock star production people ready to put on your industry award show, complete with documentaries, live music, and star emcees. But I pride myself on making the show a lot of fun for

Here are all of the documentaries I’ve produced and written. Watch them and you’ll learn a bit about the backstage world of rock & roll!

Me (left) at the 2010 Parnellis with Audio Innovator Al Siniscal and his friend Jan.