Let's Tell Stories

I’m a writer based in St. Louis, Missouri. I tell stories that resonate, create copy that engages, and make digital content human. That story can be a 1,200-word blog in the voice of your company’s owner or a two-sentence intro to a video about one of your new products.

My first professional writing job in college was at the Kansas City Star, so what I write comes first from a journalistic perspective. Through the years I’ve written for publications including St. Louis Magazine, airline travel magazines, and entertainment technology magazines, among many others. My skills are a perfect fit in the digital world. 

I bring passion for the power of the story to my public relations/marketing, social media, and web content work. I enjoy taking over blogging and social media for small companies, and it’s been really rewarding to find the voice of that company and write in it. I have a lot of fun writing marketing copy that sizzles, has personality, and is fun. I’m big on having fun.

Oh, and I’m the author of books and plays, which has made me a better writer in every way. I love taking on new assignments from pretty much anybody on anything.

I’ve written and produced tribute documentaries, and I annually produce an industry award show. My writing will speak for itself, but know that I listen more than I talk, and I ask a lot of questions.

So enough of my yakkin’ …. what can we do together?

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Oh I’m also a musician playing in several bands. Head over to The Kevin Mitchell 4 site to learn more about that!