Feature on Walnut Street Theatre_000001 I love the theater, I go quite frequently, and even have written a few plays myself here in St. Louis. So it’s not surprising that as a freelance writer I enjoy writing features like this one for Stage Directions Magazine. It’s a great magazine run by a terrific editor that goes out to mostly independent, college, high school, and community theaters.

What a story this was: The Walnut Street Theater is the oldest continually operating theater in the country. And so when a theater that at one point counted Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe as patrons has to upgrade their technology (and they wisely do it often), it has to be done with great care.

Getting to the heart of this story involved a bit of research and a couple of long interviews. The challenge is always getting to the full story, with as many details as possible (in this technology magazine, that’s what the readers want), yet be relatively brief. Feature on Walnut Street Theatre_000002

My approach though always includes making it engaging, and getting those I interview feel comfortable so I can capture their voice.  I’m please at how this one turned out (you can read the online version here). And I know what how I’ll be spending at least one of my nights the next time I’m in Philly ….


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