Writing about a place (or a subject) you're unfamiliar with requires thorough research and the ability to tell a story.

Writing about a place (or a subject) you’re unfamiliar with requires thorough research and the ability to tell a story.

I’ll level with you: I have not been around the world. But I have a client who consistently turns to me to write engaging copy about beautiful destinations I have never been to. This is a gig I got through one of the local creative staffing agency, and the assignment is to take a sheet of facts about an available trip and write it up so their clients would sign up for it.

My work persuades.

They love my work. Now, it’s true, Paris, London, Ravenna, even Dubrovnik I’ve been too, and that helps a bit; but what helped me even more do an amazing job on this assignment is I’m first and foremost a professional storyteller. I don’t just put facts in order, I create something so compelling, that the reader can smell the salt in the air and the soft sand between their toes.

Also helping me be a successful freelance writer here in St. Louis is that I’m great to work with. I ask questions. I take chances. I turn the assignment in early, and I’m eager to revisit it based on my client’s notes. (Though in this case, I hit it out of the park on every bit.)

If you’re a creative, then I don’t have to tell you, that doing something like this in “only 250 words” makes an assignment more challenging. But I love it. My research is so thorough that my first drafts on these travel tours was typically 1200-1500 words. But succulently I prune and deliver exactly what the client wants, exceeding all expectations along the way.

Take a trip with me and check out this sample – but don’t blame me if you’re suddenly packing your bags.

Travel Copy – A World Awaits Copywriting Sample

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