I recently wrote an editorial about small music instrument businesses and their importance in the magazine I’m now editorial director of, MMR.

Small business matters to me where I live, but I don’t just pay it lip service.  It’s vital to any community, and most of the money spent at a small business goes back into the schools, local government, local police and service providers.

I know as consumers we “vote with our money” so I have a guideline for making a purchase:

• If I can buy it at a local independent store, I do my best to do it.

• If I can’t, I buy it at a local big box (your Target, etc.) because at least they pay taxes, employ the locals, and in the case of Target, give back 5 percent to local schools.

• If I absolutely need something and can’t get it either, if HAVE to buy online, I figure out what the taxes would be on it and give it to a non-profit — in my case I give to a great organization that helps new parents that was supported by the state of Missouri but suffered drastic cuts in recent years.

Until we are taxed online purchases, which I think is only fair, I’m “voting” for small businesses.  Let me know what you think of my editorial.


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