This recent article I wrote published by MMR Magazine has gotten a lot of good feedback.  One music store manager even wrote me about it:

“Just read your article in MMR! A lot of the SEO topics you touched on were the exact things I talked about in my NAMM U presentation, I hope loads of people read the article and get those great ideas out of it! I constantly talk about searching like a customer and using keywords and links, although I encourage people to link within their site and not to outside sites – often you end up driving up their search results and driving yours down. These are great topics and need to be talked about more! Good job!”

In the article, I stress the reality that you write a blog first to increase your SEO, and second to get your message out.  On the former, I keep up with the ever changing world of what gets a page placed higher in a google search, and so even if your product/service isn’t “sexy,” it’s an important tool in getting noticed and raising your visibility. (Recently I helped a local St. Louis company that cleans carpets! There’s no topic that’s not suitable for a blog.)

But people will read it, and when they do, they want it to be entertaining and/or informative, funny if it’s appropriate, but above all, real. As Eliot Frick talks about through his Be Human project, there’s a new communication culture out there and people are hungry for authenticity. The old model of a “message down” format is gone. Communication is a two-way street, and blogs are key.

The Kevin Mitchell 4I don’t have to look far for the best success story I have is the local jazz band I front. My website was buried in page eight of a typical search, but after blogging for six months, I raised it so much that it now lands on the first page!

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