One of the hottest issues in the brick and mortar retail world is taxing products bought on the Internet. In writing for MMR Magazine, which serves the music instrument industry, I get to talk to a lot of retailers, and for years (most recently here) they have told me that it’s hard to compete when selling something in the store that will be taxed against the same exact guitar, amp, etc., online that will be tax-free.

I recently wrote an editorial about this called Leveling the Playing Field.  It’s gotten a lot of reaction, both positive and negative.  Some feel the “$1 million” limit will hurt the small retailer, not help.  Still, I’m passionate about it.  As I say in this piece, the whole idea of not taxing the Internet back in the day was to see if this whole web thingy would take off.  Well, the jury is in on that.

I’m proud of this piece — and look forward to the Marketplace Fairness Act being passed.

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