Website Content, Digital Media, and Special Projects

hub-and-spokeWebsite content and digital media is a specialty, and something I’m increasingly called on to do for old and new clients. There’s several reasons I’m successful at this – first of all, I’m a professional journalist who understands research, fact-checking, and getting all aspects write the first time. Secondly, I’m clear on the importance of updating material and keeping it fresh with a human voice and a point of view that resonates.

I don’t send it out unless I know it’s engaging.

Let’s talk about your website. Know that I understand a budget – and not just money, but time. Let me tell you how expensive/fancy does not equal effective. Actually the opposite is true. People just want the information about you quickly and easily, and increasingly, they want it on their mobile device. And I believe that even though today’s consumers are using technology to learn and shop for products, they still want to deal with a person. They want personality to shine through. They want to dialogue.

With clients, I proactively make sure that all new products, new hires, and acquisitions are reported in the appropriate voice. I update frequently and keep the pages fresh and lively. (I also can turn these into two to three press releases a month and get them out to the appropriate channels.)

For one client, I provided YouTube product demonstration on new saxophones and other instruments. At the two music instrument conventions that happen every year, I filmed and edited summaries that are popular. Simple, no frills, but highly effective. Clients are pleased with the quality and the value they get for an amazingly reasonable price.

Recently I’ve been shooting informative YouTube videos for a local insurance broker, and editing and posting them myself. It’s something I enjoy greatly and I’m able to do at an extremely good price point.

I stay on top of the ever-changing world of SEO, and believe in the power of social media. I believe in blogging, as I’ve done it for my own project with amazing results.  I’d love to talk to you about it.

I’m proud to have gotten to work closely with the creatives at Busy Bee Studios over the years. With them, I’ve done some fun special projects for Disney. A few years ago I did a huge website that promoted music making, where I gathered experts from the music education field who took questions from parents. I wrote eight-page interactive stories based on the Disney/Pixar properties Cinderella, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story. Oh, and in case you’ve ever wondered what princess you are, I can help with that as well …. (Spoiler Alert: I’m a Jasmine.)