I’ve written for nearly a dozen magazines about writes humor, features, and profiles on prominent city leaders.

Timeless Communications

I am Senior Writer for Timeless Communications, which covers the technical aspects of the live event industry. I write for the Projection, Lights & Staging News and Front of House magazines, which is especially thrilling since it puts me two degrees from the stars of the music business. So for example, I don’t know Bruce Springsteen, but I’ve interviewed his lighting guy of 30 years; can’t say I have Billy Joel’s cell number with any honesty, but I can get in touch with his longtime sound man. I write a lot of company profiles and interviews with the legends of the business, which has allowed me to understand the best way to communicate a company’s effectiveness. I’ve done some pretty cool things, too, like been on stage right before the Dave Matthews Band was the first rock act to play the new Busch Stadium.

Much to my theater-geek-heart’s content, I also get to write and blog for another sister magazine, Stage Directions.

Symphony Publishing

I love everything about making music, which is probably why I’ve been responsible for pretty much 10 of 12 cover stories a year in Musical Merchandise Review since 1999. I research and write the tough stories, but also enjoy doing the more fun, short pieces like “At a Glance” and my column on websites called “Webwise.”

Symphony also publishes two other magazines I love writing for, including SBO where I get to write about band directors. As a jazz musician, you can imagine how much I love writing for JazzED. (Read one of my favorite stories, on the great Kate McGarry, here.)

In addition to those fine publications

I’ve written for a wide variety of other magazines through the years. I’m proud of the work I’ve done for St. Louis Magazine, especially an essay about me being a stay at home dad and an article on immigration.

I had a fun column in AirTran airline’s magazine Go! (before it was bought by another airline), where I bragged about St. Louis and what to do while you’re here. I’ve written for others include Gateway Heritage and others.